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I know you're already bored with this kind of writing, about how 2012 will soon pass and 2013 is coming (I'm bored also TBH),  but I just want to write something random today.

2012.. is somewhat pretty interesting. Sometimes I would forget about what exactly happened in a particular year, but not this time.

2012: the year when we say goodbye to Megaupload.
Sometimes I still found a MU link on many sites, that really brings back memories.

2012: the year when I had my best and worst birthday in my 21 years of life.
I thought I had the worst of it when I got sick on my birthday. I cried (yes), that I had to spend one of my special day just laying on my bed.
But this was nothing compared to what happened this year.
Cut the story short, I was super happy in the afternoon and I was sad at night. Sad, upset, anger, disappointment, exhausted, don't know what to say anymore.
It's really heartbreaking.
I still remember the feeling and every second of it whenever I saw my birthday photo.

2012: the year when I had my best and worst holiday.
I've written in my last journal that I spent Christmas in Korea. I'm really grateful to God, and also to my family, that I can experience something better together with my family. But the struggle that I must overcome in order to make it happened wasn't easy at all. In fact I cried so much that the next day my eyelid got pretty swollen. Why I cried? Well, let's just say that being a "magnet" in a family requires someone to give it all, even when there's nothing left to be given.

Many other things also happened.
Merlin got its final season, leaving me (and maybe some of Merlin's fans) in disappointment because the rushed and forced ending. Merlin was the only reason why the last three months in a year felt so awesome.
K Project also ended. Such a shame that it didn't meet many people's expectation, like what happened with Guilty Crown. I'm just hoping there will be another season.
PSY' Gangnam Style has become the first video that reach 1 billion views on Youtube. Congrats, PSY-oppa~
I found many great things this year. Alphas, The Listener, Orthros no Inu, Chronos DEEP, Parasyte, Running Man, (search Google if you don't know those title)
I followed too many TV series and anime (especially on Fall 2012), which resulted in a great procrastination everywhere~
I finished my final paper and presentation.
I meet many great people in my life. I did something I'm proud of and regret of. I'm still living on doomsday and will continue to do so.

My resolution in 2013 is still 1600x900. What's yours?
  • Listening to: any new songs
  • Reading: nothing, for now
  • Watching: anime
  • Playing: Castle Age
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water
I-K-chan Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
gw ngerayain dua kali ulang tahun di china tanpa keluarga sa.. T_______T, yah semuah ada hikmahnya.. ahahahaha.... ngakak baca yg merlin ama k project.. happy belated new year btw.
saint-vivant Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist
setidaknya masih merayakan.. saya?
dirayakan sama saudara, nyaris tidak dirayakan sama keluarga sendiri. penyebab? hanya saya yang tahu haha.. *ktawa hambar*

happy belated new year too~ =D
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Submitted on
December 31, 2012